“I have seen this administration continue to roll back protections for our elderly population, even during this time of crisis. As an at-risk group, the pandemic is especially concerning for us. Yet the Trump administration and Republicans continue to attack services we rely on. 

“They have tried to weaken health care coverage and access overall. They continue to attack the Postal Service, which so many of us depend on for medications and connection to our families. They threaten to cut Social Security and benefits that we have paid into for years. Many of us live on a fixed income, and if Social Security were to get cut, we would be evicted from our homes with nowhere to go. 

“Maine’s older population is especially vulnerable. We have to elect a senator who will fight for us, and Susan Collins is not that leader. She has enabled Donald Trump, either through her votes or her silence, as he attacks the resources older communities need. This moment in history will make all of the difference. We must elect Sara Gideon to the U.S. Senate. 

“Sara has fought for seniors here in Maine. She restored a low-cost prescription drug program for Maine seniors to help make medications more affordable. When Governor LePage blocked $50 million in affordable housing for the elderly, Sara worked to make sure that money was released and it’s now being used to build affordable senior housing units across the state. She passed a property tax relief bill that provided direct property tax relief to many seniors. 

“Sara has also shown leadership on the campaign trail. She has said repeatedly that she will protect Medicare and fight to strengthen Social Security in the Senate. When we weren’t receiving our mail, she called for the Postmaster General to restore timely service, or resign. When COVID-19 threatened our lives, she spoke up about the federal government’s need to provide more PPE and resources to states and local governments in order to combat the pandemic. 

“Everything I learn about Sara makes me more supportive. I admire the work she’s done and her ability to work across the aisle to deliver results. I know she will be the advocate seniors in Maine need, and I cannot wait to elect Sara Gideon to the U.S. Senate.”

— Nancy Wanderer, Falmouth, ME