Over my 30 year service as an active duty physician in the United States Navy, I completed 3 deployments into combat zones, served as the commanding officer of a NATO trauma center in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and finished my career in the Pentagon on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations in the Surgeon General’s office. I have learned to recognize true and effective leadership, and I see that in Sara Gideon. 

In her role as Speaker, Sara has demonstrated that she has the focus and the foresight to address the needs of our veterans. Many leave the service in need of health care. Sara’s support for Medicaid expansion protected health care for more than 60,000 Mainers, including veterans, and she has sponsored legislation that has focused on veterans’ physical and mental health. Sara has also made in-state tuition fees available to all veterans, which helps foster the economic development of Maine, as well as the professional development of our service members. Sara’s drive to strengthen broadband internet access to rural parts of the state will help ensure that veterans across Maine are able to have connectivity to the VA to address their health care, education, and counseling needs, regardless of how far they live from the VA center. 

I have seen Sara work in the State House, where she is a respectful and unifying Speaker. She listens to every perspective on the issue at hand, and when it comes time to make a decision, she has the leadership to move forward. Sara’s consistency and bipartisan nature is needed to end the gridlock in Washington that is keeping so many of our veterans from receiving the services they deserve. 

Throughout her campaign, Sara has reached out to veterans and has built a coalition where she speaks to us and she hears us. During Zoom meetings with Maine veterans, Sara is quite literally taking notes. Above all, she recognizes that we are deserving of the services promised to us. I am very confident that when Sara goes to Washington, she’s going to take our mission with her, and Maine’s veterans will have a champion in the halls of the United States Senate. 

– Mike McCarten, Kittery