Reproductive rights have always been important to me. For many years, my stepfather was the only public abortion provider north of Augusta. People would travel from all over northern Maine to visit him in order to receive the health care services they needed. 

Sara championed legislation to expand access to reproductive care, especially in rural communities, increasing the range of services that advanced practice clinicians could provide across the state. As a nurse practitioner, I see firsthand the impact this legislation has on Mainers’ access to health care. Sara saw what Mainers needed and stood up for access to reproductive care. After Sara’s legislation passed, I was finally able to expand the essential care that my patients needed. 

We’ve seen Republicans in Washington attack access to health care and reproductive rights again and again over the past few years. We need leaders who listen to us, pay attention to research and science, and work to expand access to care – not restrict it. That’s the kind of champion Sara Gideon is and it’s why I’m proud to support her. 

Susan Collins might say that she supports reproductive rights, but her votes tell a different story. She cast a critical vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and has let us down by confirming Trump’s anti-choice judges, allowing them to promote his right-wing agenda for years to come. Maybe fighting for reproductive rights was something she was willing to do in the past, but it’s certainly not something she does anymore.

Susan Collins has abandoned the fight for reproductive rights; Sara Gideon is the champion we need in Washington.

– Julie Jenkins, NP, Belfast, Maine