“I’ve lived in my home for over 20 years and I love it here. I will always be a Mainer. But now that I’m retired and on Social Security, I have to choose between paying property taxes, going to the dentist, or paying for home repairs.

“I pick up jobs here and there. It’s never enough to keep me afloat without dipping into what little savings I have for retirement.

“Mainers have always been an independent lot, and I’m staying as independent as I can for as long as I can. I try to look out for myself and make things work, but here I am: retired, aging and feeling more and more vulnerable. There are so few in Washington now that are looking out for me or seem to care.

“With Sara, I know I have someone looking out for my interests. She wrote the first direct property tax relief bill that we’ve passed in many years. That’s going to put money back into our pockets. To have someone like Sara — someone who genuinely cares – it’s just a breath of fresh air. She really has a lot of strength. She’s got a lot of fire, and that’s what Maine needs.

“We need someone like her in Congress fighting for us, taking on those with wealth and power — corporations, drug companies, the insurance companies, the oil companies. If we don’t take them on, things are just going to keep getting worse for the rest of us.”

– Curry A., Freeport, ME