Mainers Say Sara and State Leaders Have “Shown Valuable Leadership” and “Are Saving Lives”

Mainers across the state have written into their local papers to praise Sara Gideon and state leaders for their work to address the coronavirus crisis. Within days of the first confirmed coronavirus case in Maine, Sara helped bring Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in the legislature together to pass emergency legislation to address the crisis and keep Mainers safe – actions the Portland Press Herald editorial board called “swift and serious” and “a good example for the state.

Mainers also pointed out that during this crisis, Sara has fought for them, advocating for more testing and contact tracing, pushing for protections for workers, and raising the alarm about the lack of personal protective equipment in hospitals and clinics around the state.

Read what Mainers are saying below:

Portland Press Herald: Maine children will eat thanks to leaders’ action
Stephen and Nancy Farrand, Freeport

If leaders like Gov. Mills, Speaker Sara Gideon, and Senate President Troy Jackson hadn’t acted so quickly in response to Maine school closures due to COVID-19, ask yourself how many Maine children would have been left hungry. They are leaders who are saving lives — not putting people at higher risk — every day and who we need to remember with our votes in November.

Bangor Daily News: Grateful for Maine leadership
Nancy A. Wanderer, Falmouth

Nevertheless, I feel relatively safe because of the leadership of Gov. Janet Mills, House Speaker Sara Gideon, and Senate President Troy Jackson. Rather than waiting for the federal government to take aggressive measures to fight COVID-19, leaders in Maine acted quickly to ensure the safety and well-being of us all.

Free Press Online: Thanking Maine’s Leaders
Buck O’Herin, Montville

Governor Janet Mills, Dr. Nirav Shah, Sara Gideon and all of the leaders in the Legislature deserve praise for coming together quickly to pass additional funding for coronavirus testing, medical professionals and small businesses.

Lewiston Sun Journal: Sara Gideon fighting for Mainers
Krishan Verma, Lewiston

While Donald Trump goes on scathing tangents during his daily “press conferences,” eerily similar to his rallies, state leaders such as Sara Gideon are passing legislation assisting Mainers to overcome this uncertain time.

Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel: Gideon continues to stand up for Mainers
Lee Trahan, Winslow

Meanwhile, Sara Gideon has shown valuable leadership on this issue and has consistently called for Maine to receive more personal protective equipment. […] She has used her voice to lift up the needs of health care workers, small business owners, and regular Mainers who are struggling during this time.

Bangor Daily News: A leader for these difficult times
John Tiedje, Gorham

I firmly believe that person is Sara Gideon. I have seen and heard her in town hall meetings — hearing Mainers’ questions, addressing their concerns. I believe Gideon has the knowledge, desire and focus to put in the hard work to help Maine out. […] A vote for Gideon is a vote for us.

Portland Press Herald: Collins misleading Maine people
David Capuano, Brunswick

I no longer support Susan Collins’ reelection as I have over the past years. I am supporting Sara Gideon for U.S. Senate because I believe she will stand up to the current crew that have taken over the Republican party.

Boothbay Register: Sara Gideon fighting for lobstermen
Mike McConnell, Boothbay

Sara Gideon is calling on the federal government to include lobstermen and our industry to be specifically included in the Small Business Relief Funding coming out of Congress. Maine lobstermen never look for a hand-out from the government but they may need a hand-up to get to the 2021 lobster season.

Portland Press Herald: In Washington, Gideon will be an example of better leadership
Charles Morrison, Scarborough

Thanks to the work of Sara Gideon, Maine Democrats, Republicans and independents worked together to fund a million dollars for testing, and another $15 million to support health care workers assisting the elderly and children.

Lewiston Sun Journal: Gideon leader that Mainers want
Sylvia Ingerson, Farmington

Not only have I been impressed with her new ways of campaigning, but also how vocal she has been about the action she would like to see be taken from the federal government. […] After seeing Gideon’s approach to this crisis and staying connected to Mainers during this time, I believe she holds the leadership that Mainers are looking for.

Bangor Daily News: Upgrading my senator
Jacqueline Bredar, Damariscotta

There is a stark difference in how publicly and diligently Sara Gideon has presented herself during this crisis. She holds weekly online town halls, and takes constituent questions every time. Gideon does not fear the truth. Her mission is us.