New Video Highlights Her “Indefensible” Comments About Trump Learning A Lesson

Just one week ago, Senator Collins justified her acquittal vote by saying she believed the President “has learned from this case” and “will be much more cautious in the future.” Now, Senator Collins is refusing to answer whether she thinks Donald Trump has learned any lessons from impeachment, but she still is defending the President’s behavior, telling the Bangor Daily News that she doesn’t believe Donald Trump was emboldened by his acquittal.

This new defense from Senator Collins comes as Donald Trump escalated his “campaign of retribution” against military and diplomatic officials for testifying in the impeachment investigation. Senator Collins is facing heat as her justification last week becomes more “outlandish” and “indefensible.” Following her vote and explanation last week, the Portland Press Herald editorial board wrote that “Collins will have to answer for every future act of the president that she has voted to enable.”

“No matter how many times she tries to dodge questions about her position, Senator Collins made it really clear to Mainers last week that her vote to acquit was tied to her belief that President Trump had learned a lesson and would be more cautious in the future,” said Sara Gideon for Maine communications director Maeve Coyle. “It’s clear that the only thing President Trump learned from this is that Senator Collins will not hold him accountable, and now she will have to answer for his actions going forward.”

Watch the video highlighting Senator Collins’ new comments here.