One Day After Reporting Revealed Donald Trump’s Refusal to Take Early Action on the Coronavirus Pandemic, Senator Collins Remains Silent

New reporting reveals that just three days after Senator Collins asserted that Donald Trump “learned his lesson,” he privately acknowledged the severity of the coronavirus pandemic while lying to the American public about it and refusing to take action.

Senator Collins has repeatedly praised Trump’s response to the pandemic, saying he “did a lot that was right in the beginning” and “has done some things right.” A full day after reporting revealed that he was aware of the threat posed by the coronavirus, Senator Collins has remained silent, refusing to condemn Donald Trump’s failure to take action that could have saved tens of thousand of lives.

“Donald Trump never learned his lesson, and neither has Senator Collins,” said Sara Gideon for Maine communications director Maeve Coyle. “It’s been a full day since reporting revealed he knew and lied about the severity of the coronavirus, and Senator Collins hasn’t said anything.”

Watch the video here.