The Washington special interests – including “one of DC’s heaviest political hitters” – funding a pro-Senator Collins super PAC are again trying to mislead Mainers about Sara Gideon’s record. The group is closely tied to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and funded by individuals like New York private equity firm owner Stephen Schwarzman, a Trump ally who “funnelled massive amounts of campaign cash” to Republicans as they passed their corporate tax giveaway that benefited billionaires like Schwarzman – but not Mainers.

Senator Collins was a deciding vote for the nearly $2 trillion corporate tax giveaway, which gave the overwhelming majority of the tax cuts to the wealthiest one percent of Americans and allowed 91 Fortune 500 companies to pay nothing in federal taxes, but did little for families in Maine. The legislation also opened the door to the GOP lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act, which is in court now and could tear down pre-existing conditions coverage and other health care benefits, like maternity care.

Now, Senator Collins’ billionaire backers are thanking her with a flood of spending in misleading ads to boost her re-election campaign.

“This is exactly what people hate about Washington – special interests and big corporations lobby Senators Collins for tax giveaways to boost their own bottom line, Senator Collins helps save them millions of dollars, and then the special interests repay Senator Collins with millions in misleading ads trying to keep her in office,” said Maeve Coyle, Sara Gideon for Maine Communications Director. “Sara Gideon has been fighting for hardworking families here in Maine, passing property tax relief to put money directly back in their pockets, and it’s not surprising that Senator Collins and her billionaire backers are trying to distract Mainers from her own record.”

While Senator Collins was supporting a nearly $2 trillion giveaway to big corporations and the wealthy, Sara Gideon has been fighting for Maine families in the State House. Sara brought Democrats and Republicans together to pass meaningful property tax relief, including giving money directly to 300,000 Maine families, and passed a budget that funded Medicaid expansion and Maine schools without increasing taxes.