Two years ago today, Senator Susan Collins voted for the final passage of the GOP tax bill, which gave massive tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations, has threatened crucial programs like Social Security and Medicare, and led to the lawsuit that — with this week’s ruling — is threatening to overturn the health care law and end federal protections for the 225,000 Mainers with pre-existing conditions. U.S. Senate candidate Sara Gideon released the following statement on the anniversary of the Senate vote:

“From bean suppers in Brewer to roundtable discussions in Lewiston, I’ve heard from Maine families in every corner of this state about the issues they face, like the cost of prescription drug prices, lack of affordable health care, and crippling student debt. Instead of addressing the challenges Mainers face, Senator Collins supported a tax bill that handed a massive break to the wealthy and corporations. Mainers deserve a Senator who will fight for them in the Senate, not special interests. That’s exactly why I’m running.”

Over the past several weeks, Mainers from across the state have taken to social media and written to local newspapers to share their struggles, their disappointment with Senator Collins over her support of the corporate tax giveaway, and their support for Sara:


Video: Clayton from Washington, ME:

“I’ve always voted for Susan Collins. […] but something has changed since Donald Trump took office. She is not standing up for us. I think the tax bill for the rich and abandoning the middle-income people was the death nail for me. I no longer support Susan Collins and will vote for Sara Gideon.”

Robin and Corry from Unity, ME:

“We’re paying more in taxes, and we’re taking back less for our businesses to run successfully, and finding it challenging to really even have anything from health care coverage to being able to give back to our employees and our community. I think Sara really believes in that, and I walked away from today saying, ‘she is going to be our voice.’”

 Mary from Biddeford, ME:

“Susan Collins has been a major disappointment as a Senator. Her vote for the tax bill that gave major corporations huge tax cuts and allowed them to no longer have to be paying as much — or any at all — in federal taxes has hurt small business here in her own district and small businesses across the country. […] I just think that if she really cared about the people of Maine, like she claims she does, then I think she would follow through and actually listen to what the needs and desires are of the people in this state, and I don’t think she does. I think she kinda goes to the highest bidder.”

Kennebec Journal:
 Sen. Collins hasn’t acted with integrity

“Mainers expect our elected officials to have and act with integrity, no matter the party they belong too. Consider Sen. Susan Collins’ actions and words for two major political decisions she made in the last three years. The first was her ever-evolving reasons for voting in favor of President Donald Trump’s tax cuts. There was not a single public or committee hearing on the 1,000-plus page tax law that included handwritten pages.”

Portland Press Herald:
 Sen. Collins has helped put ACA at risk

“As someone who has survived cancer twice, without the protections in the ACA I would be uninsurable. So would the many Mainers who also have pre-existing conditions. […] That’s why I was hurt when she cast a deciding vote for the Republican tax bill, which eliminated the individual mandate, the part of the ACA that courts have determined makes it constitutional. She also voted for two Supreme Court justices who are hostile to the ACA, and they will be ruling on its future. I no longer trust Susan Collins to protect our health care.”

Bangor Daily News:
 A question about Susan Collins

“Within the last three years, however, Mainers are seeing a different side of the senator: comprising her moderate stature and partnering with Sens. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham to raise campaign contributions; voting in favor of a very polarizing Supreme Court nominee while essentially dismissing Dr. Chistine Blasey Ford’s sworn testimony in a well-staged, photo-op speech on the U.S. Senate floor; and, finally, voting in favor of a tax cut for that benefited corporations and the wealthy 1 percent more than the ‘hard-working’ Americans so fervently championed by her own party.”

Portland Press Herald:
 Sen. Collins is working hard, but not on our behalf

“Their efforts paid off handsomely, as Sen. Collins cast a pivotal vote to pass the tax bill, allowing FedEx to pay $0 tax in fiscal year 2018. […] Collins voted for the tax cut act even though the elimination of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate was part of the bill. […] Remember all this when Sen. Collins tells you how hard she’s working for Mainers.”