Today, the newly passed package of prescription drug reforms becomes law in Maine. As Speaker of the House, Sara Gideon was proud to help pass this comprehensive approach to addressing the sky-high costs of prescription drugs.

“Too many Mainers struggle to afford the care they need,” said Sara Gideon. “It was clear that we couldn’t afford to wait for action in Washington anymore, so we rolled up our sleeves and took on Big Pharma. I’m proud of how we worked together to make a real difference for Mainers, and I promise to bring that kind of leadership to the Senate.”

Mainers across the state face stress in getting the care they need because of the cost of prescription drugs. Under Gideon’s leadership, the legislature took real action by:

  • Creating a prescription drug affordability board to help lower costs and give Mainers a say in drug pricing
  • Ensuring that big corporations acting as middlemen between drug companies and patients aren’t inflating costs at the expense of Mainers
  • Holding big drug companies accountable and increasing drug pricing transparency by forcing them to disclose the reasons behind large prescription drug price increases
  • Allowing for the importation of lower cost prescription drugs from Canada so that Mainers can pay the same lower prices as people living just miles away. This law will go into effect as soon as Washington shows the same leadership as Maine.

While big drug companies continue to give millions of dollars to politicians in Washington and encourage them to do nothing to lower the cost of prescription drugs, Sara Gideon prioritized bringing Democrats and Republicans together to make these reforms a reality in Maine.