More than 20 million veterans across our country have made sacrifices to keep us safe and have fought to protect our values. Sara believes that the best way to honor their service is to work together to preserve everything they risked their lives for, and to make sure that they and their families have access to quality health care and services they’ve earned.

Maine is home to 127,000 veterans. In the State House, Sara worked to identify gaps in services and benefits provided to our state’s veterans so that veterans can access the services they need. She increased homelessness prevention efforts for Maine veterans, passed a law improving mental health care for Maine’s veterans, and created systems in Maine’s universities and community colleges to help students who are veterans.

In the Senate, Sara will make sure that the high-quality services our veterans have earned are available to them. Whether it is G.I. Bill benefits, quality health care at the VA, including access to mental health and women’s health services, or job training and education, Sara believes that we have to fight for those who have risked their lives to protect us.