Big corporations and special interests have too much influence over our elected officials in Washington. Politicians are too often looking out for their donors instead of the people they were elected to represent, like when Congress passed a nearly $2 trillion tax break for big corporations and the wealthiest families in America in 2017 – and did little for families in Maine. Sara is not accepting any corporate PAC money in her campaign, because it will always be clear that she is fighting for Mainers, not special interests, in the Senate.

“I’ve lived in my home for over 20 years. But now that I’m retired and on Social Security, I have to choose between paying property taxes or paying for home repairs. Sara wrote the first direct property tax relief bill that we’ve passed in many years. That’s going to put money back into our pockets.”

– Curry A., Freeport, ME

Putting hardworking Mainers before corporate special interests

In the State Legislature, Sara brought Republicans and Democrats together to pass a package of meaningful property tax relief for Mainers. Because of that work, starting in January 2020, more than 300,000 Maine families will receive a check in the mail. She also closed a corporate tax loophole that prioritized out-of-state companies and used that money to give a tax break to hardworking Maine families. 

That’s the kind of leadership that’s missing in Washington, and that’s exactly why Sara is running. No corporation should pay nothing in taxes while families are struggling to make ends meet. In the Senate, Sara will work to roll back the Trump tax cuts and make sure that tax breaks are going to hardworking families in Maine, not corporations and the wealthiest individuals.