The oldest state in the nation, Maine is home to seniors and retirees who count on the benefits they earned through a lifetime of hard work. Sara believes in keeping the promises we have made to them.  


“Sara has fought for seniors here in Maine. She restored a low-cost prescription drug program for Maine seniors to help make medications more affordable. When Governor LePage blocked $50 million in affordable housing for the elderly, Sara worked to make sure that money was released and it’s now being used to build affordable senior housing units across the state. She passed a property tax relief bill that provided direct property tax relief to many seniors.”

— Nancy Wanderer, Falmouth, ME

Maine seniors have paid into Social Security and Medicare, using these programs to plan their retirement and future. That’s why Sara will always fight to protect those benefits and fight against irresponsible giveaways to corporations that jeopardize them. In the legislature, she restored a low-cost drug program for nearly 2,000 Maine seniors and championed the release of $15 million in senior affordable housing bonds held up by Governor LePage. She also fought to increase reimbursements for the caregivers who take care of seniors. 

Nearly a quarter of Mainers are on Medicare — significantly more than the national average. Sara will fight against any efforts to cut funding or benefits from Medicare, to change Medicare as we know it, or to turn it into a voucher system. She’ll also work to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices to lower costs for seniors and to cap out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for seniors on Medicare Part D. 

Social Security is too often the only income standing between seniors and poverty. Sara understands how essential Social Security is to Maine’s seniors and their quality of life. She will always be a fierce advocate for protecting the benefits they worked hard to earn and depend on in retirement.