Making Washington work for Mainers

Washington is clearly broken – politicians are too responsive to wealthy donors and corporate special interests, promoting their agendas over the people they were elected to represent. Elected officials are failing to make progress on many of the issues that matter most to Maine people, like lowering the cost of prescription drugs, reducing their tax burden or making health care more affordable, all because special interests hold the power. 

Sara voted to strengthen Maine’s clean elections system after it was weakened by federal courts. In the past year, she worked in the state legislature to pass automatic voter registration to make it easier for Maine voters to participate in our electoral process and banned state lobbyists from donating to legislative and gubernatorial campaigns in Maine.

Sara is running for Senate to fight for Mainers, not special interests. In the Senate, she’ll work to end the influence of big money on our elections and officials in Washington by:

  • Passing a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United;
  • Passing the DISCLOSE Act, which would require dark money groups to disclose their donors and crack down on secret spending in our elections, and the Real Time Transparency Act to increase campaign finance transparency;
  • Supporting “No Budget, No Pay” legislation so that Congress isn’t compensated if they fail to do the most basic part of their job: passing a budget;
  • Banning former members of Congress from becoming lobbyists; 
  • Refusing any gifts or meals from lobbyists; and
  • Refusing any trips paid for by special interests.

Sara has pledged not to accept any money from corporate PACs in her campaign or as a U.S. Senator, so that Maine people will never have any doubt whose interests she’s representing in the Senate.

Learn more about how Sara will make Washington work for Mainers: