Maine has been hit harder by the opioid crisis than most states around the country – it has devastated families and communities all over the state. More opioids were distributed per person in Penobscot County, Maine than in any other county in New England and four of the top five counties in New England for opioid distribution per person were Maine counties. Since the beginning of the crisis, overdoses have taken the lives of thousands of Mainers, and are having a multi-generational impact on our state. Sara knows that we have to tackle this crisis head on, and that big pharmaceutical companies must be held accountable for their role in this crisis.

“As an addiction professional, I see firsthand how hard the opioid crisis has hit Maine. Addiction is a major health care issue; it requires prevention, education, access to treatment, and the belief that every life is worth saving. Sara sees that and has taken real action. She’s saving lives here in Maine.”

– Tim C., Walpole, ME

Combatting the opioid crisis

Sara has been at the forefront of efforts to combat the opioid crisis in Maine. In the State House, she passed legislation to expand addiction treatment and prevention programs and to give law enforcement the tools they need to fight the epidemic. When former Governor Paul LePage vetoed bills to address the opioid epidemic, Sara brought Democrats and Republicans together to override his vetoes because it was the right thing to do for Mainers. 

Sara knows that our leaders in Washington must act to tackle the opioid epidemic and save lives. Sara supports a comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Expanding access to affordable addiction treatment; 
  • Creating bridge programs to ensure that people have access to treatment at the moment they’re ready; 
  • Funding education and prevention efforts, as well as public health research; and
  • Holding big pharmaceutical companies accountable for their role in the crisis.