Sara believes that all Americans deserve equal rights, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. She knows that each person’s identity and lived experience is both valid and valuable, and everybody is deserving of a seat at the table in discussions about our future as a country. Standing with the LGBTQ+ community has always been at the core of Sara’s work in Maine, and she is dedicated to doing everything she can to reach full equality for all.

“I support Sara because I know she will be a champion for us, not someone who sits on the sidelines. I know she will be there to ensure that the entire LGBTQ+ community is protected from discrimination. Here in Maine, she has supported us on every issue, large and small. Whether it was ensuring health care protections for all Mainers or banning conversion therapy, Sara has always stood up for us.”

– Mary Bonauto, Portland, ME

As Speaker, Sara led the passage of landmark legislation banning conversion therapy in the state, making Maine the 17th state in the country to prohibit this harmful and dangerous practice. Under Sara’s leadership, the State House also banned the so-called “gay and trans panic defense,” which has been used to excuse violent hate crimes against members of the LGBTQ+ community, and passed a law to explicitly define gender identity under the Maine Human Rights Act, which protects Mainers from discrimination. Last year, Sara wrote and passed landmark legislation putting health care protections for transgender individuals into Maine state law. 

As a Senator, Sara will be a champion for all people, and fight for the LGBTQ+ community by:

  • Championing the Equality Act, because every person in this country deserves equal protection under the law;
  • Supporting the Safe Schools Improvement Act in the Senate to help ensure schools are safe spaces for all students to learn and banning bullying and harassment against students based on sexual orientation or gender identity;
  • Ensuring that all qualified and patriotic Americans, regardless of their gender identity, can sign up to serve in our armed forces; 
  • Outlawing the dangerous practice of conversion therapy, which does untold damage to LGBTQ+ youth;
  • Supporting the Every Child Deserves a Family Act in the Senate to ban discrimination against potential foster or adoptive families and LGBTQ+ parents; and
  • Defending the right of every LGBTQ+ American to access healthcare, free from discrimination, by pushing for the removal of recent anti-LGBTQ+ regulations.