Despite Maine’s hard-working people, innovative ideas and wealth of natural resources, household incomes fell more here than any other state last year. Even with full-time jobs, families are struggling to afford the rising costs of housing, education and health care, and Maine’s rural communities have been hit particularly hard.

Across the state, Maine’s small businesses are the engines of our economy, but this year, business owners and workers are facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The economy might be doing well for some, but not for the working people. People are working two or more jobs, and they still can’t make a living. I’ve voted for Senator Collins in every election, but now she’s abandoned the middle class in support of Trump. We need someone like Sara Gideon, who will actually stick up for the people of Maine.”

– Clayton L., Washington, ME

Fighting for Maine’s jobs and economy

Politicians in Washington should champion hardworking Mainers, not corporate special interests. Sara believes we can do better for Maine families and small businesses and will fight for Maine’s jobs and economy in communities across the state by: 

  • Prioritizing the needs of small businesses in our economic recovery and ensuring coronavirus relief for small businesses is distributed quickly and effectively to small businesses, not big corporations and special interests;
  • Creating and expanding job training programs to give workers the skills they need to attain good paying jobs and address shortages in our skilled workforce;
  • Investing in infrastructure development and technological advancements like rural broadband, which will help create the jobs of the future and revitalize rural communities in Maine;
  • Raising the federal minimum wage to make a difference for thousands of hardworking Mainers;
  • Incentivizing workers and young families to stay in Maine; 
  • Ensuring that we have fair trade policies that help Maine’s traditional industries, like logging and lobstering, which are essential to tens of thousands of jobs and to coastal and rural communities across the state; and 
  • Rolling back the Trump tax bill that was a massive giveaway to corporations and the wealthy, and making sure that tax breaks are going to the hardworking Mainers and small businesses that drive Maine’s economy.

In Maine, Sara expanded job training and education programs to help Mainers get good-paying jobs and address the skilled worker shortage in the state. Sara also passed a universal paid time off policy, worked to protect and help grow essential industries in the state, like lobstering, shipbuilding and logging, and fought for workers by defending and strengthening collective bargaining rights.